Good morning, I placed an order for a V32 vang almost two weeks ago and have not heard back regarding the order status. Repeated e mails have gone unanswered and I am wondering if it went through. If the item is out of stock or otherwise unavailable could you please let me know. I am holding up on the assembly of my boat to accomodate this part.

Thank You Kevin


  • Welcome to the club of frustrated customers, Kevin.

    If you peruse thru the previous posts you'll see that many are/have been waiting patiently for a response from Victor MP. At least on my account last October (2016) when I spoke with Ruby and exchanged emails with Mark. This seems to be about the time the wheels came off the rail.

    Sadly Victor MP continues to host their website, which adds further insult to those of us that are passionate about our RC activities. It makes no sense to me that this site remains to be hosted. I guess the $39/year web site hosting charge is hitting a credit card that someone no longer pays attention to.


  • The frustration is compounded by the fact that someone is using Ruby's log in multiple times daily. Somebody at VMP knows whats going on and isn't helping.

  • Good news everybody! The small vang showed up today, April 28th! It's encouraging to know that VMP is still in operation. I hope to be able to do more business with them in the future.

  • I am also having difficulty in tracking my order and 2-way communication with victor-model. StarsandStripes - you mentioned emails to Mark, can you please provide the email address for Mark ? Thank you.

  • To All Those Concerned with Victor Model Products - I just spoke with Ruby, 26June2017. Mrs. Ruby shared with me that they had a pest infestation requiring their buildings to be tented and fumigated. Soon after the pest issue was resolved they were hit with torrential rains and flooding that again caused their operation to be shutdown. Thank God Rubys office and home were not flooded out. These wonderful people have struggled but are now on the mend and slowly getting caught up. Please send them your support and prayers in any way you can. Victor-Model Products is still afloat.