No response to order

I noticed that others have experienced this issue. Placed an order for a V32 sail set quite a while ago now an never heard anything. Yes/no


  • Did you ever get your order? I just order a couple of things and hope they come.

  • I too have placed an order that has not arrived. Emails and voice mails left with victor-model contact information go unanswered. What is a customers recourse ?

  • I ordered Mary J. Ward kit two months ago. Have heard nothing.

  • To All Those Concerned with Victor Model Products - I just spoke with Ruby, 26June2017. Mrs. Ruby shared with me that they had a pest infestation requiring their buildings to be tented and fumigated. Soon after the pest issue was resolved they were hit with torrential rains and flooding that again caused their operation to be shutdown. Thank God Rudys office and home were not flooded out. These wonderful people have struggled but are now on the mend and slowly getting caught up. Please send them your support and prayers in any way you can. Victor-Model Products is still afloat.

  • I placed an order for V32 sail set, as did user 22434. That order was placed 3 months ago! I understand the problems experienced were beyond their control, but why no response directly to the people who placed orders? I still want the sails, but a mid-winter delivery? Come about some communication? Thanks