• New to RC sailing--Snipe questions

    Hi. I'm looking for set up info and any pictures that show off any good upgrades to make before I get mine put together. I have started the building of the keel and hull but I would like to know and/or see how others have mounted their radio gear. Not ...
    by user23617 13 hours ago (Replies: 0, Views: 11)
  • Brand new In Box : Mary J Ward Model Kit for Sale

    Hi I purchased this kit in person at Victor Models a few years ago and never opened it. Payed 375 brand new. I have other Victer Models. I was planning to start it when I retired but now really need the money Will sacrafice the New Kit for $ 150 ...
    by user23521 12 days ago (Replies: 0, Views: 79)
  • Soling for sale

    Brand new, never been in the water. Best offer accepted.
    by bwcourcier 22 days ago (Replies: 1, Views: 220)
  • Victor status

    After several weeks of no answer, today I finally at least got an answering machine. Making progress?
    by jderb one month ago (Replies: 0, Views: 224)
  • victor status

    Despite the other problems Victor has had, does anyone know if they were affected by Harvey? Placed an order 3 weeks ago, and haven't heard anything.
    by user23329 one month ago (Replies: 1, Views: 246)
  • Maybe patience isn't the key

    I posted "Patience is the Key'several weeks ago, after speaking (for the second time) with Victor Models via telephone and was assured that my Mary J. Ward kit would ship the next week. It didn't. And I no longer think patience is the key. Not sure ...
    by user22337 one month ago (Replies: 0, Views: 199)
  • Order Confirmation

    Does anyone know if Victor is still in business? I have heard they have had some bad luck. I placed an order for Soling accessories a week ago on this web site,& have not received a confirmation as yet. Also, no one answers the phone, or replies to voice ...
    by sandy23201 one month ago (Replies: 0, Views: 237)
  • Wanted: V-32 Rudder (complete or not)

    I am looking for a V-32 rudder. Color doesn't matter. Could be kit or assembled. Does anyone have one they don't need anymore? Please email me. I would order one, but am nervous given the state of Victor at the moment. Garrett duce21@wi.rr.com ...
    by user20001 one month ago (Replies: 0, Views: 151)
  • Patience is the key

    I spoke with Ruby yesterday. Patience, I think, is the key. Victor has run into an incredible string of bad luck, but hey are working as hard as they can to right the ship (pun intended). Eventually they will be caught up, if we can just afford to wait ...
    by user22337 3 months ago (Replies: 0, Views: 487)
  • Dear Webmaster

    Dear Webmaster, We, the users of Victor Model Products(VMP) website, would like to know if there is a better way to communicate with you directly ? Is there anyway that the website and webpage be updated ? Can those in the VMP community that might ...
    by Skipper Lee 3 months ago (Replies: 0, Views: 421)
  • Victor Model and Crew Have Suffered a Few Setbacks but are Now ...

    To All Those Concerned with Victor Model Products - I just spoke with Ruby, 26June2017. Mrs. Ruby shared with me that they had a pest infestation requiring their buildings to be tented and fumigated. Soon after the pest issue was resolved they were hit ...
    by Skipper Lee 3 months ago (Replies: 1, Views: 582)
  • crystals for a soling 1 meter victor rc sailboat

    I have been away a long time and have forgotten much. I need crystals to sail my ship in nearby pond. I need more that 1 Mhz, as others may be on same frequency, so then I must change. My rc control unit is 75Mhz. What size crystals shall I purchase ...
    by user22689 4 months ago (Replies: 1, Views: 455)
  • No response to order

    I noticed that others have experienced this issue. Placed an order for a V32 sail set quite a while ago now an never heard anything. Yes/no
    by user22434 5 months ago (Replies: 5, Views: 736)

    Good morning, I placed an order for a V32 vang almost two weeks ago and have not heard back regarding the order status. Repeated e mails have gone unanswered and I am wondering if it went through. If the item is out of stock or otherwise unavailable ...
    by FRETLESS06 6 months ago (Replies: 5, Views: 803)
  • Australia II Resurrrection

    I was given a Victor Model Australia II hull with a smashed in bow and no rigging. I have done several RC boats this size so I don't see any real problems after the smash is fixed but if there are forum people who haver any close-up photos of the Victor ...
    by carlfmiller 7 months ago (Replies: 1, Views: 941)
  • V32 Curved Deck Beams

    Just starting on my V32 and was wondering about installing the curved deck beams. The instruction say the finished width at beam #1 should be 4 5/16th. To make this happen I am going to need to cut about 1/2 inch or more off the beam. That's going to ...
    by FRETLESS06 7 months ago (Replies: 1, Views: 653)
  • Getting started

    I would like to get started in sAiling but am confused about what all I need to buy. Other than usual wood wofrking tools and materials, what parts do I need to build a complete radio controlled unit? I am interested in building the "America's Cup" ...
    by Stant 7 months ago (Replies: 2, Views: 617)
  • Can't get controls to respond on my V-32

    replaced batteries on both controller and in boat. ideas?
    by user21729 7 months ago (Replies: 1, Views: 709)
  • Has anyone had recent contact with VMP?

    I placed an order at the end of December and haven't even received confirmation of the order being logged, let alone any potential shipping date.
    by DHK79 7 months ago (Replies: 7, Views: 799)
  • Need Complete Rigging for Stars & Stripes

    Sadly, my house was destroyed in a fire in June 2015 and I was only able to salvage the hull, internal servos and the remote, which much to my surprise are in decent shape. To make her sail worthy again last October I spoke with Ruby at Victor and ordered ...
    by StarsandStripes 7 months ago (Replies: 2, Views: 564)