Mary J. Ward

10 5/8"
Sail Area
660 sq in.
The Mary J. Ward was a small inshore fishing schooner of the late 1880s. She was built in Essex Mass. with a home port of Scituate Mass. The Mary J. was an excellent performer, very seaworthy and was once credited with out sailing the famous Boston pilot boat Hesper. The American schooners during their prime were admired at home and abroad for their sailing qualities, seaworthiness, and beauty. During the last century, the fishing schooners have faded from existence due to the introduction of motorized fishing vessels. A few are still in existence and preserved as museum pieces. Victor Model Products has captured the beauty and grace of the great fishing schooner era in our version of the Mary J. Ward. The deluxe model includes a molded plastic one piece hull, birch wood deck, select shaped wood parts, complete hardware package and finished Dacron sails. The assembly manual includes numerous photos to aid assembly. The model is 34 inches long, 41 inches with bowsprit. The beam is 10 5/8 inches and the sail area is 660 sq in. She stands 43 inches tall, 51 inches with the removable sailing keel installed. Estimated shipping charges quoted are for the continental U.S. only.