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Welcome to the exciting hobby of constructing, sailing, and competing with radio controlled model sailboats. Building a model sailing yacht is not as complex as you might think. In fact, construction can normally be accomplished in four or five enjoyable evenings of modeling fun. Learning the art of sailing radio controlled model yachts is quite simple. Children as young as seven or eight years old have become accomplished skippers. Our line of kits has been expressly designed for the person who has limited model-building experience. We developed our models to be economical and simple to construct. All Victor Model Products kits are pre-molded from quality materials, which insure an accurate assembly in a minimum amount of time.

Normally, a two-channel radio is used to control the vessel. One channel controls the rudder while the second channel trims the sails. A simple two-channel radio with two standard servos can be used to controled the 24-inch cup series, Snipe, and Mini Soling models. The Blackhawk 32, V-32k and larger models require a sail winch for trimming the sails, although a standard size servo is adequate for rudder control.
All of our models are fabricated from HI-impact polystyrene plastic, select woods and high quality sail materials. The hull, deck, keel and miscellaneous components are precision molded from the plastic and are completely trimmed to size and shape for rapid and accurate assembly. Masts are made from Basswood or maple and require only minor sanding before finishing. Sails are sewn from the highest quality sail materials and are completely finished and ready for installation. Each kit contains a complete hardware package. Stainless steel wire is used for rigging the larger models while Dacron line is used for the smaller models. Parts layout on the right is typical for all VICTOR kits. (Shown is the Soling 1M kit.) Easy to follow, detailed assembly instructions will lead you through assembly, finishing, rigging, radio installation, and on to your first launch. The complete kits include everything required to finish the models except glue, paint and liquids such as resin or epoxies. The keel configuration on some of the kits includes an assembled keel bulb ready to fill with lead shot, which is also included. The Snipe and 24-inch cup series models are designed for ease of assembly and simple operation. They can be sailed in confined areas or even in a backyard swimming pool!
For those of you who do not have the time to assemble your own model boat, we offer the V-32 ready-to-sail-yacht, which is fully assembled with the radio installed. It goes from box to water in a matter of minutes. Any of our kits may also be ordered custom assembled by one of our trained craftsmen. This includes a complete assembly, radio installation and a choice of a two color, hi-gloss Polyurethane finish. Allow two weeks for custom assembly. We also offer fully assembled Soling hulls and keels ready for paint by the builder and mast/sail assemblies fully rigged and ready for installation. Write or phone for complete details and prices.