Need Complete Rigging for Stars & Stripes

Sadly, my house was destroyed in a fire in June 2015 and I was only able to salvage the hull, internal servos and the remote, which much to my surprise are in decent shape. To make her sail worthy again last October I spoke with Ruby at Victor and ordered a set of replacement rigging (mast,boom,main,jib, stays,etc.) for my Victor Stars & Stripes.

Nothing ever shipped and emails and telephone calls continue to go unanswered. I'm afraid to order anything on their site for fear of fraud.

Any recommendations on what to do?



  • I have found that the owner (George) passed away last Oct. or so and his wife (Ruby) took over the business and moved from CA. to Louisiana. She is elderly and she is listed on line as the FORMER owner. I don't know if anyone bought them out or not, but it seems that they are effectively out of business. You may scout around the sailing forums or even ebay for some of the parts you need. They owe me Victor 32 parts, so I share your concern. Good luck.

  • Thanks for sharing, 211121. That situation sounds very familiar. When I spoke to Ruby last October she mentioned something very similar. A couple weeks ago I noticed their web site was having issues so I presumed things had shut down for good. But surprisingly I got a call back from them with no message left, unfortunately. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again for the advice.