V32 Curved Deck Beams

Just starting on my V32 and was wondering about installing the curved deck beams. The instruction say the finished width at beam #1 should be 4 5/16th. To make this happen I am going to need to cut about 1/2 inch or more off the beam. That's going to be a difficult cut to make in order to keep the geometry correct. Is this a normal process or am I missing something on the measurements? I anticipated having to adjust parts to fit but this is a major modification so I thought I would bring it to the group.

Thank You


  • At this point 37 people looked at this but nobody replied. Just to help people in the same situation I will update this with what I ended up doing. I used a clamp and a spreader to hold the hull at the right spacing for each of the 3 beams. I then held the beam in the correct position and marked where it met the shear strips. I cut the excess off and then glued the heck out of it. I installed the gussets as soon as I could to give me more surface area for the clamps. This worked perfectly. I did end up trimming beam #1 by almost an inch in order to match the given dimension.