Australia II Resurrrection

I was given a Victor Model Australia II hull with a smashed in bow and no rigging. I have done several RC boats this size so I don't see any real problems after the smash is fixed but if there are forum people who haver any close-up photos of the Victor model, I would really like to see them. No Victor Australia II on google images. I have purchased the sails and I have the RC gear so no problems but I'd love to see the deck layout however.

I have no idea where this boat came from or how old it is; or how it go it to Hawaii. But I am sure it WILL sail again!


Kohala Model Boat Club AMYA Club #339


  • Hello, I am kind of in the same boat (pun intended). I took ownership of a derelict stars and stripes boat without the rigging. I have repaired the hull and it's now time to set up the rigging. I have not found too many images or much information on his model and have very limited experience with rc sailing. The rigging and mast are going to be a learning experience....