Victor Model Products Announces New Business Plan

Will stay in operation Victor Model Products, which had previously announced (mid-June 2018) that the company was ceasing operations in September 2018, now says they will continue in business going forward, with some changes in their product line.
Victor will keep manufacturing and selling their most popular models, while removing the less-popular ones once inventories are depleted. The move means that Victor will continue to support their two most-popular AMYA-sanctioned classes- the Soling 1 Meter, and V-32, as well as offer the Mary J. Ward schooner model. These three kits will continue in production indefinitely, without change. However, Victor will no longer sell ANY pre-assembled boats of ANY designs, including the V-32.
Ruby Dornis reports that they are presently filling orders for kits that are in house, and that their website will again accept new orders for these three model kits. Customers looking for other kits that might be in inventory, OR for remaining parts for other Victor models, can contact the company at:
Via email:

Phone: 337-202-1916


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