• Deck Separating From Gunnel

    I have an older soling that is starting to ship water where the deck is attached to the hull. I need to try and seal it without removing the entire upper deck. I hope to be able to place glue on a small thin applicator and run it under the lip of the ...
    by mrazor 2 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 1229)
  • Finishing touches

    Hi.....I'm looking at building a V-12A as a starter to get back into RC boating now that I've retired but it's been several decades since I've built anything. Had a Victor 1 Meter long ago and enjoyed it a lot. I've never been very good at final finishing ...
    by Anonymous 2 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 1419)
  • attaching keel

    There are two methods of fixing keel to hull--glue and screw. I bought a used soiling which has the keel glued in place. Unfortunately it is loose and whish to correct the situation. Are there any recommendations. Thanks Brian
    by Anonymous 2 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 1796)
  • Looking for Help with your V 32?

    Here are two excellent places to go for help in building or fine tuning your V32. While these articles were published a while ago, the information is still viable. Here are links to those sites. http://www.victiques.com/v32pages/v32kithelp.htm ...
    by Anonymous 2 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 1846)
  • Australia 2 Restoration

    I am anxious to start restoring the AUSTRALIA 2 and need your help. I want to order a set of sails w/corners Mast boom and rudder. Also for reference the builders manual will be helpful. Is their a deck and rigging hardware kit available as well as ...
    by user18849 2 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 1757)
  • mini soling sail winch

    lost directions from 20 years ago how long is the sail winch need to be center to center of holes
    by user18689 2 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 1824)
  • Rudder shaft Solin 1 Meter broke- rudder fell off - need replacement

    Two days ago while sailing, boat went off on it's own.... not sure why but rudder shaft apparently broke, and rudder is gone..... I have left messages at victor-model phone number, sent email to ruby at victor-model trying to order a replacement Solin ...
    by user18625 2 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 1798)
  • Southern Maine Clubs?

    We are trying to launch a program in a park in Portland, ME for model sailboats. Any contacts to share for outreach? Thanks.
    by user18594 2 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 1525)
  • Maine sailing clubs?

    I have recently obtained a v-32 while here in Sebring Fl. As snow birds we will return to southern Maine in the spring. I would like to locate a sailing club in our general area which I could sail with during the summer. If anyone has such information ...
    by user18241 3 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2448)
  • Where can I get a new remote control for a V-32

    My Father in Law purchased this remote control sailing boat at an auction but it didn't come with a remote control. Can I purchase a remote control all by itself? Thanks!
    by user18113 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2165)
  • Soling keel assembly

    Looking to build the Soling 1M. Kit says you need to supply lead ballast and resin. Where do you get the ballast and how much? There's also a keel filling jig. Do you need this too?
    by PaulD 3 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2372)
  • Rudder block for America3 24"

    Hello, I am completely new to the model RC sailboat world and I'm pretty lost with the instructions. More specifically, I can figure out what part the intructions area referring to. It says for Hull Prep: 1. Insert 5/32 diameter rudder log tube into ...
    by user17793 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2109)
  • Would like to hear from anyone that has built a Mary J Ward

    I have built a Soling 1M and sail several times a week but would like to build a model from and earlier time and am considering the Victor Mary J. Ward. I would like to talk to others that have taken on this project to learn more.
    by Anonymous 3 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2265)
  • • Need instructions for assembly of V-12 A

    I need a copy of the assembly instructions for the kit V-12 A. Thanks to whoever can help me. My email address is jibe@bellatlantic.net
    by Anonymous 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2495)
  • hardware

    Victor 50 soling
    by user17378 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2317)
  • keel and rudder fill - for mini soling

    My son got the mini soling kit last Christmas and we have yet to build it as it seems so complicated. and scary. I am still trying to acquire all of the 'ingredients.' Every time I call someone to ask about a filler we should get or a resin/catalyst, ...
    by user16993 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2501)
  • Replacement Gooseneck for Soling 50

    My plastic gooseneck for my Soling 50 just broke. Do you know of a source to purchase a replacement? Thank You, John Lind jtlind@cox.net My mast and boom are Aluminum extrusions
    by user16929 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2515)
  • Operating instructions for Model # FS-CT6B Radio Control

    I just received my new V32 Model with the subject radio controller, but no operating instructions were included. There are all sorts of knobs, switches, and rolling adjusters that I have no idea what they are supposed to do. There is a cable with a USB ...
    by user16577 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2022)
  • America 3 unfinished project

    Greetings- Does anyone have plans for this boat? I recently acquired an unfinished hull with attached keel and bulb, rudder, and loose deck. No mast/sails. Looks like a interesting project. Will consider selling if someone needs a replacement hull or ...
    by user16769 3 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2187)
  • Servo arm position

    I'm resurrecting a 40 year old Dumas 30" Star with a Heathkit radio, also 40 years old. Because of space limitations I'll have to position the sail servo arm so that it will move from port to starboard instead of, what I think would normally be bow to ...
    by user16161 4 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2716)