• Victor Thunderbird 50

    Hello. I recently obtained an older 50 inch sailboat that the guy in the hobby shop said was a Victor Thunderbird. The boat has graphics that say Thunderbird on each side near the bow and also on the stern. The main sail has a star and V3 and the jib ...
    by Anonymous 4 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2787)
  • Need instructions for assembly of V32K

    HI, like the gentleman who posted earlier, I am not getting through to the company. I need a copy of the assembly instructions for the kit V32K. Thanks to whoever can help me. My email address is karenincanlakes@charter.net
    by user15841 4 years ago (Replies: 5, Views: 3000)
  • Need plans for the victor 39" America 3

    I bought my boat several weeks ago and got it early last week. The plans in the box were for a 24" not the 39". I have been calling and emailing Ruby twice every day but with no reply. So does anyone have a set that they can share.
    by Toyman 4 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2588)
  • wildcat 32 max speed

    What is the highest speed that can realistically be achieved in this craft, in mph or knots, under optimal conditions?
    by Daniel 4 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2378)
  • V-32 Batten, Rule size & recommended material to make battens

    Topic is question: Rule size/spec for battens on V-32 Recommended material. Why does mainsail rub backstay on V-32??
    by user15265 4 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2323)
  • Fiberglass over hull

    My Soling was dropped by the movers in a recent move. It has a large crack in the bottom of the hull. Could I fiberglass over the whole bottom of the hull, to assure the whole crack is covered? Weight is no factor, this is a relaxation sailer not a racer. ...
    by user14721 4 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 3017)
  • broken keel v32k

    I built a v32k 8or9 years ago and yesterday after sailing I found the keel loose and the hull cracked along side the keel. After closer inspection noticed the keel is separated from the hull about 2mm and the vertical member that attaches the keel to ...
    by user13697 4 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 3001)
  • 2nd R/C sailboat America3 purchased today.

    What are you guys using for radios and in particular winch for the America Cubed?
    by user13666 4 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2656)
  • Adding the V32k Decal to the sail

    I just completed my V32k, hull3 5802. How do I to apply the V32k decal to the sail? Also what is the best way print the hull number on the sail?
    by user 13345 5 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2876)
  • nearing retirement

    I'm getting to retire, but I need to find something to do to get out of the wife's way. I am thinking about rc sailboats, but I know next to nothing about the hobby. Any info on books, intro boats, or other information would be greatly welcomed.
    by walt 5 years ago (Replies: 3, Views: 3974)
  • 1 meter bulbs or resin kits

    I am scratch building a 1 meter Advance. Is there a Soling 1 meter bulb available? Chuck
    by user13185 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2490)
  • Soling colored sails

    We are going to launch colored sails for the 1 meter size boats before the end of this month. Watch the forum or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victor-Model-Products/111769945553756?bookmark_t=page. We will probably be announcing availability ...
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 4, Views: 2996)
  • Pre made soling 1m keel

    Hi I want to order a pre made keel for a soling 1m but I don't see it listed on the web site. also I am going to order a soling 1m kit, and assorted accessories, I was wondering if some of the individual shipping costs could be consolidated under the ...
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2798)
  • Pre made Soling and V-32 keels

    We have decided to continue offering the premade keels, and we will see how the lead supply goes.
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2601)
  • Hatch cover on the V32

    Most every picture I can find of the V32's that you can see the hatch cover, the cover seems to slide into place. The cover on mine is more like a lid that slides down over the opening which is raised above the deck about 1/4". Any other out there like ...
    by Ron Zee 5 years ago (Replies: 5, Views: 2672)
  • Wild Cat resurrected

    While driving down a back street this past Sunday I just happened to catch a glimpse of a sail sticking above a garage sale. It turned out to be a Wild Cat... complete except for the radio. After a bit of negotiationing my new yacht was in the car headed ...
    by DenS 5 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2540)
  • Warped Hull Soling 1M

    I have a soling 1M that was exposed to some heat and have dimpled warping of the styrene along side the hull. I was thinking of very carefully using a hair dryer and pressure inside the hull to bring it back to shape. I'm fearing getting the hulls structural ...
    by user11425 5 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2909)
  • Tuning Sails for V32

    Is there any place to find out how to properly trim jib and main sails? I see a lot on every other sailboat but not on V 32s. I bought a V32 from craigslist and I'm a newbie to sailing. I'd like a how-to review on properly adjusting sails. Thanks.
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 3923)
  • mary j ward modifications and why

    I am curios about sail and deck plan modifications on the mjw, planning buy one in the near future to sail with my soling 1 meter
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2443)
  • Can anyone help me reassemble my V32 sailing boat?

    My V32 sailing boat I bought and used this beautiful boat way back in 1997. When moving house, I stored it in a box..................and, some years later, just reopened it, now that my latest home is close to a lake. My 71 brain has been ...
    by user9857 5 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2724)