• Tahoe II restoration

    After more than 10 years in storage my Tahoe II was damaged, cracked around the keel, torn sails, warped mast etc... I cut to deck off leaving an inch around to epoxy a wood deck on. I used the old deck pieces to make patches for the hull. After fairing ...
    by Kurt 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2473)
  • Vang upgrade

    I just purchased a vang upgrade for my Soling. Is there any way I can expedite the shipping? A two-day shipment if possible. Naturally, I would pay the additional freight.
    by Bill Bogusky 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2688)
  • Ruby B owners

    I am considering building a Ruby B for a "relaxed Sunday afternoon" boat; no hustle & bustle, just a "putter around the pond boat". I would really like to hear opinions from some owners about her manners, etc.; both good and bad points. Thanks, The ...
    by The JollyZebra 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2495)
  • Canadian Orders

    Hi I'd like to order a set of Soling 1 Metre sails for delivery to Canada. Your order form insists that I choose a US state rather than a province although it lets me fill in the country. Is there a way for Canadians to place orders with you? Thanks ...
    by user9185 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2227)
  • Contact Ruby Dornis

    Ruby, One of the members of the Quail Point Yacht Club, Harlan Barry, purchased a V-32 Kit from you. Since then, you have resumed offering a fully assembled boat. You agreed to build his kit for him if he returned it to you. Harlan promptly shipped ...
    by user7649 5 years ago (Replies: 3, Views: 2997)
  • Soling 1M Kit w/prebuilt lower boat

    Is the hull, rudder and keel built and installed? Also is the deck attached?
    by user3713 5 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2474)

    Has anyone modified the keel for IL Moro getting more boat speed?
    by user8386 5 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2213)
  • sail servo wench for America 3 1 meter length

    What sail servos have been successfully used for the America 3 meter length boat? I am not planning to compete ,just sail for the fun of it. If I do decide to compete,what than would be a good option for a winch? I am open to suggestions.
    by user8289 5 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2497)
  • Tahoe II

    This week on our facebook page we will be featuring the Tahoe II, with a different photo each day, this is the AMYA 36/600 class.
    by Anonymous 5 years ago (Replies: 0, Views: 2219)
  • Victor special for the month of February 2013

    Any purchase of $200.00 or more during the month of February will get you one entry for a chance to win the kit of your choice of the Soling 1 Meter or the V-32. multiples of $200.00,will get a free entry for each $200 purchase e.g. $400, 2 entriies, ...
    by Anonymous 6 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2145)
  • Premade models vs build it yourself

    What are the advantages of building the model yourself vs buying one premade? (other than the price) Are there any enhancements you could do while building to make the model faster or more performant when steering or something? My goal is to buy ...
    by Anonymous 6 years ago (Replies: 2, Views: 2558)
  • What is your favorite boat?

    What is your favorite boat? Mine is the V-32 because of it's implicity.
    by Jerry 6 years ago (Replies: 8, Views: 2483)
  • Waxing the hull

    Someone at the lake mentioned that I could wax my hull to get higher speeds from my boat because it lowered the resistance in the water. Is this true?
    by Jacobs 6 years ago (Replies: 27, Views: 3790)
  • Victor Model Products Phone Number and Address

    Does anyone know the phone number and address of Victor Model Products? It seems to have been de-listed from the website.
    by user7649 6 years ago (Replies: 1, Views: 2433)