Soling 1 Meter Kit

Sail Area
600 sq in.
The Soling 1 Meter kit is a radio-controlled version of the famous Soling racing yacht. The American Model Yachting Association has designated this model kit as a "One Design Class" radio controlled racing sailboat. It is presently one of the most popular classes and has the largest number of registered models within the AMYA racing class system. Control is accomplished using a simple, two-channel radio system.(option II or equivalent recommended). The two control functions of the system control the rudder and set of sails. Stability has been designed into this boat so that even the beginner can enjoy the thrill of R/C sailing from the start. This model fits inside most small SUVs fully rigged. If required, the mast can be easily removed for transportation, and quickly re-installed at lakeside with no re-adjustments necessary. The keel and rudder are also removable for storage. Mast rake, sail tension and shape are fully adjustable for maximum performance in any wind condition. No special tools are required for assembly. The complete kit includes everything necessary to complete the model except lead ballast, liquids, glues, paint and electronics. Boat stand and reinforced sails sold separately. Estimated shipping charges quoted are for the continental U.S. only.